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Your Life is a Story January 11, 2008

Posted by kayren in Writing.
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How to Write Your Life as a Story

When you approach a writing project the first question that needs to be addressed is – Who am I writing for?

Technical authors, or those who write specifically to pass on information, know they must first define the needs of their audience by answering such questions as:

Who is the audience?
What is their level of skill?
What benefits will they gain from this piece of writing?

This process of identification helps establish a starting point. Once an author knows her audience she can orientate herself to the level of knowledge the reader has and establish the point where he would naturally want to begin.

When writing your life story, you need to ask similar questions of yourself.
Is the audience your family and those who come after you?
Are you writing for yourself alone, to satisfy a creative need and to impose meaning on the disjointed and abstract series of events that make up your life?
Are you perhaps hoping for publication because you think your life story has relevance to people you are never likely to meet? (more…)