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This site discusses the craft of writing and publishing memoirs, and also examines a number of techniques that encourage the use of imagery as a tool for bringing about positive life changes.

Choose your future

Within the context of our memoirs there is a wealth of accessible material – lessons we have learned, goals we have reached, games we have won or lost. Our memories dictate the way we live now, how we react, what we say to people and how we see the way ahead. But what if we could use those memories to change our personal vision of the future?

Take a minute to review some of the steps that brought you here. Do you see a pattern in the way things developed? Do you see relationships following the same scenario over and over again? Or perhaps you are stuck in your job and unable to move on. The understanding of how these situations developed is available to you.

By learning the craft of writing you can develop your ability to communicate effectively and at the same time learn to explore areas of personal experience you could not otherwise reach.

Learn publishing techniques

Techniques for publishing your own unique life stories are now also within your reach. Online publishing is cheap, fast and available and print publishing is more easily achievable.


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